I’m excited to be participating in NaPoWriMo2017 this year again! I love everything about it! I love the challenges!  I love the comradery!  I love the community!  I love the products!  So many talented people contributing to a large body of work!  Poetry for Poetry’s Sake!

I love taking time out every day for an entire month, to stop and think about thoughts, ideas and the economy of words.   Choosing my words and photographs and pulling them together in form and format is as exciting to me as a rollercoaster ride!

Other than the traditional nursery rhymes and songs (which I never discount as important in the acquisition of language and language structure) my earliest memories of poetry are of my Mom reciting poems that she had memorized in her youth.  In the evenings at home, or in the afternoon playtime in the yard, Momma would sing traditional songs and recite poetry and King James Bible verses and my brothers and I would listen intently and try to sing and recite along with her.

Songs and verse were always used to put things in perspective.  In the picture below, it was my brother Robert’s birthday.  We were in my Aunt Ethel’s backyard in Gibsonville, North Carolina where I had just been stung by a bee as I picked grapes off the grape arbor.  To distract my brothers and me, my Momma sang the song “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee”…and when she finished with “oops! he STUNG ME!” we laughed and my cousin Susie took our picture on that hot August afternoon filled with love, laughter, songs and memories…



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