A Weed By Any Other Name

A Kay-Ryanesque Poem

Day 1 NaPoWriMo2017

A Weed By Any Other Name

Spring has come

And we must go

Back to the Garden.

Old man Winter

Has left his mark

and we must hoe-

What once was green

now is brown

and started to harden.

We must settle down

pull the weeds,

plant new seeds.

We fertilize,

we add water.

Then leave the rest

the Sun knows best

days are getting hotter.

But when I’m done

I’ll sit right down

And help old

Mother Nature

When it comes to plants

She doesn’t care

about the nomenclature!

But I still don’t

quite ‘get it’-

It’s a quandary

I must ponder-

So we pull the

Flowering Dandelion

that we call ‘weeds’

From the ground;

then turn around

And plant

‘Milkweed seeds’…

And I wonder

as I sit here

blowing on this

Dandelion globe

Why we weed

The dandelion

which is something

we can eat?

And replace it

With a Toxic flower

Only butterflies