A Weed By Any Other Name

A Kay-Ryanesque Poem

Day 1 NaPoWriMo2017

A Weed By Any Other Name

Spring has come

And we must go

Back to the Garden.

Old man Winter

Has left his mark

and we must hoe-

What once was green

now is brown

and started to harden.

We must settle down

pull the weeds,

plant new seeds.

We fertilize,

we add water.

Then leave the rest

the Sun knows best

days are getting hotter.

But when I’m done

I’ll sit right down

And help old

Mother Nature

When it comes to plants

She doesn’t care

about the nomenclature!

But I still don’t

quite ‘get it’-

It’s a quandary

I must ponder-

So we pull the

Flowering Dandelion

that we call ‘weeds’

From the ground;

then turn around

And plant

‘Milkweed seeds’…

And I wonder

as I sit here

blowing on this

Dandelion globe

Why we weed

The dandelion

which is something

we can eat?

And replace it

With a Toxic flower

Only butterflies





I’m excited to be participating in NaPoWriMo2017 this year again! I love everything about it! I love the challenges!  I love the comradery!  I love the community!  I love the products!  So many talented people contributing to a large body of work!  Poetry for Poetry’s Sake!

I love taking time out every day for an entire month, to stop and think about thoughts, ideas and the economy of words.   Choosing my words and photographs and pulling them together in form and format is as exciting to me as a rollercoaster ride!

Other than the traditional nursery rhymes and songs (which I never discount as important in the acquisition of language and language structure) my earliest memories of poetry are of my Mom reciting poems that she had memorized in her youth.  In the evenings at home, or in the afternoon playtime in the yard, Momma would sing traditional songs and recite poetry and King James Bible verses and my brothers and I would listen intently and try to sing and recite along with her.

Songs and verse were always used to put things in perspective.  In the picture below, it was my brother Robert’s birthday.  We were in my Aunt Ethel’s backyard in Gibsonville, North Carolina where I had just been stung by a bee as I picked grapes off the grape arbor.  To distract my brothers and me, my Momma sang the song “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee”…and when she finished with “oops! he STUNG ME!” we laughed and my cousin Susie took our picture on that hot August afternoon filled with love, laughter, songs and memories…


Family Portrait

Day Two – APRIL 2, 2016  

Family Portrait


Mario likes to hunt and fish

Elvia likes her “Guy Friend”

Norma likes to shop on “Wish”

and Luigi is a God-send!





How many words do you write a day? And do you have to force yourself? How successful authors do it

I’m working on a novel.  I should say, I was working on a novel… several years ago… still have it on a back burner… I re-blogged this post because it made me think about my commitment to finishing that project (my mother always said that a distinguishing feature of insanity was an inability to finish what you’d started…hmmmm)  and so, it gave me insight into what other novelists do to keep up the writing momentum… I have difficulty getting into the “zone” while handling a “day job” and the other responsibilities that accompany teaching, motherhood, spouse-isms, etc… but I know that the external demands made on my time, space and thought processes can all be controlled…ONLY by ME!

Read on… here’s how the “pros” do it!




Nail Your Novel

Dave writing This question appeared in my inbox from Adam Nicholls after I reported on Facebook that I’d managed 4,000 words of The Mountains Novel in one day. Adam DMd me, in not a little anguish:

How many words do you write per day? And do you have to force yourself to do it? I love writing, but it’s work.

There are two significant points in this question:

  • output; books growing steadily at a satisfactory rate
  • difficulty.

How many words per day?

I asked this question of a group I’m a member of, The League of Extraordinary Authors. Romance author Melissa Foster says she has no difficulty getting 7,000 to 10,000 words written in a day and that she adores the blank page. No issues with output there. (But there’s more to writing a good novel than stacking up the wordcount, as she points out in the comments below.)

Romance author

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Four Features to Publish Your Poems

This WordPress post, has important answers with regards to publishing poetry on WordPress.

My website “Martha’s Garden”   pictureperfectpoetry.wordpress.com   …will soon reflect what I’ve learned.

I have picked up (and used successfully) some of the contents, but will return in a few weeks to digest and embrace it more fully…




Four Features to Publish Your Poems.

via Four Features to Publish Your Poems.